Jagan Mehta-Kala Guru of Gujarat


Jagan Mehta(1909-2003)

Learned painting under Late Kala Guru of Gujarat, the master painter Shri Ravishankar Raval at ‘Kumar Karyalaya’, Ahmedabad. However, in 1934 he studied mechanical photography at Vienna, Austria. A self-developed skill in photography and the painter’s insight resulted into fine compositions, sensitivity and poetic perspective in his photographs. Since the first snap taken of Mahatma Gandhi in 1933, he had the craving to document his life in posterity. Jagan Mehta joined the independence movement and was able to capture Gandhi’s inner turmoil during his last peace march to Bihar in early 1947. Later on Jagan Mehta taught photography at C.N. Fine Arts College, Ahmedabad, and was a founder member of Niharika, the club of Gujarat pictorialists. His photographs were exhibited at various places in India and abroad, and received several awards.