• Shri Zaverilal Mehta made a photo-story to give new introduction and distinct one to show his love and affection to Jagan Mehta.

• Shri Tushar Bhatt’s Article covering whole life-span in ‘Times of India’ on 23rd July 1995, which is as live as talking to the artist aged 90, in a vivid style.

• Shri Subhash shah took interview for Doordarshan in ‘kalavarta’ programme,to bring forward Jagan Mehta as an Artist in a true spirit.

• Shri Madhav Ramanuj have poetic touch interview with Jagan Mehta for Doordarshan to cover living legend in the field of photography and struggle of the artist.

• Shri Jagan Mehta-Gujarat’s leading torch holder in the photography field and interview was taken for record archives by Gujarat state.

• Gujarat’s Pride Gem & Torch Holder’, Jagan Mehta, in this particular project wildlife photographer & Artist Shri Hemendra shah prepared a book published by Information    Department Gujarat State in 1997 with 20000 copies to distribute in schools, libraries of the villages and semi-urban areas.