4  Non – Matric
3  1928-29 to 1934 joined with Kalaguru Ravishankar Raval’s School of Art at Kumar Karyalaya & took interest in photography and dark room work.
2  August 1934 Awarded Bhavnagar state’s scholarship for 3 years & went vienna ((Austria) to study in photo – reproduction techniques, Photogravure Printing and allied areas
1  May 1936 fell sick of TB spine & hospitalised, advised to rest at hill stations and nursing, at last Return Home.


7  1932-’33 served as a drawing teacher at Sheth C. N. Vidhyalaya, Ahmedabad.
3  1939-40 To earn livelihood decided to adopt photography as profession and started with ‘Photo Home Service’. Going on a bicycle with mobile reflectors and a camera to take family photographs, when the people were hesitating to go to a studio with family.
6  1942 Joined Quit India movement as an underground activist and was jailed at Bharuch.

 1946 Holocaust of Noakhali echoed in Bihar and in March 1947 Gandhiji decided to move from Noakhali to Patna – Bihar to start his peace march to create confidence in Muslim brothers & sisters. Joined with Gandhiji in Bihar Peace March from 21st March 1947 to 30th March 1947.


 15th August 1948 ‘Pratima Studio’ opened at Relief Road, Ahmedabad.

1  1952 ‘Pratima Studio’ was closed.
8  1957 to 1967 joined service at ‘The Prince of Wales Museum’ – Mumbai as a photographer and developed photographic section which earned its own entity for research & study of museum subject.
10  1968 to 1974 joined with Sheth C. N. Fine Arts College as a photographer and taught – photography to the students of commercial arts & Fine Arts
4  Joined ‘National Institute of Design’ and photographs for exhibition of ‘Mahatma Gandhi & Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’ were prepared.

7  1939 – 40 Mount Abu, Kankroli & Udaipur to record Jain Sculptures.
6  March 1947 – Joined Mahatma Gandhiji’s Bihar peace mission tour.
5   1950 – Tour to Southern India to visit Pondicherry, Tiruchirapally, Kodaikenal with the Artists Chhaganlal Jadav and Dasharath Patel and covered historical places and also recorded temples & which are rich states in sculptures.
4  1952 Second trip to Mt. Abu, Kumbharia & Ranakpur to re-record it.
3  1954-56 Tour with Mr. Daulatsinhji Lodha (Arvind) to publish ‘Pragwat – History’ on Jain Scluptures of Gujarat,Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh & made record of the places.
1  1957 -67’ During service with The Prince of Wales Museum Travelled to Hyderabad, Calcutta, Delhi, Mysore & other places to record ‘Kalpa Sutras’, miniature paintings,coins of different era and other valuables to assist subject of Museum and Research Scholars.
2  1979 – Badrinath, Gangotri, Yamnotri & Kedarnath Yatra.
7  1979 to 1986- Gujarati Sahitya Parishad yearly conference & Jnansatra being attended in company of Mukundbhai shah and captured portraits of Literary Personalities & record being created to assist future generation.


9  15th August 1947 First ever exhibitions of ‘Gandhi Bihar Peace Tour’ at Share Bazar Hall, Ahmedabad, to celebrate Independence.
4  15th August 1948 ‘Bombay Art Society’ arranged exhibition with the assistance of Youth & cultural circle & which was declared opened by S.K.Patil.
3  Feb-March 1991 Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy arranged to exhibit pictorial photographs at Bhavnagar, Rajkot and Amreli.
5  1993 N.C.P.A. Mumbai arranged ‘Bihar Peace Mission Tour’ photograph exhibition to honour 125th Birth Anniversary of Mahatmaji.
8  1969 ‘Gandhi in Action- Exhibition of Photographs’
7  Gandhi Centenary Celebration Exhibition was arranged by Niharika club – The society of Gujarat pictorialists and Rotary club of Ahmedabad and Rtd. Lt. Col. Balvant Bhatt,Datta Khopkar and Jagan Mehta’s 36 photographs were exhibited.
  6  2004 L.D.Institute of Indology arranged Exhibition on Jain Scluptures & exhibition was dedicated to Jagan Mehta as a tribute to his works and 85% of exhibits were contributed by Jagan Mehta.
1  2005 Gujarat State Lalitkala Academy arranged one show of all ‘Gaurav Puraskar Awardees Artists’ photographs were exhibited. Jagan Mehta’s 8 photographs were exhibited.
9  2007 Indian Consulate Berlin, Germany had special exhibits of Bihar Peace Mission Tour photographs of Jagan Mehta.

7  15th August 1948 ‘Rashtrapita Gandhiji’ Album of 8 photographs of Bihar Peace Mission Tour was published with preface by kaka kalelkar.
6  ‘History of Cambay state’ include photographs of important places by Jagan Mehta were used & published in 1933 by Ratnamani Rao Bhimrao Jote.
5  ‘Pragvat Itihaas’-[Hindi] Jain Temples & Scluptures photographs by Jagan Mehta used and published in 1954.
4  ‘Pratham Pratyaghat’ based on Late Mridulaben Sarabhai’s Diary and edited by well known poet & prof. Niranjan Bhagat, wherein all photographs of Jagan Mehta of Bihar Peace Mission Tours were published in the book.
3  Photographs on Schedule Tribes of Panchmahal District to celebrate silver jubilee of Bhil Seva Mandal (Dahod) were made by Jagan Mehta & its report published in 1954.
2  Museum Bulletin during the year 1957 to 1967, 4 volumes were prepared & published, Museum guide 1962-63 and Republished in 1986.
1  Sir Cowarjee Jehangir’s Private collections recorded and published by Sir Cowarjee Jehangir.